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This page features a sample of my work. It will be updated on an ongoing basis.

Global News:

Five things you need to know about renewing your mortgage

Stylist Box: helping Canadian Fashion

Fashion Week Director defines Canadian style as ‘unpretentious urban chic’

The art of the political apology

How one agency is using Bitcoin

Rob Ford around the world

Canadian designer Sarah Stevenson wins TFI New Labels

Globe and Mail

The headhunter’s role in the digital age

Didn’t get that dream job? There’s still hope

Small Business

Arlene Dickinson launches new company for entrepreneurs

eBay entrepreneur  of the year Jean-Francois LaPointe talks bike suspensions

Three things small business owners wish they had


Christiane Germain building on success

Sweets, Spas and Stingrays

Trump Toronto Opens But Will It Triumph?

Ten Ways Travel Can Make You a Better Business Leader

Video: My room at Trump International Chicago


Dressing to cope with the summer heat – The Toronto Sun

HGTV’s Scott McGillivray Talks Income Property and Becoming a Landlord

When Buyer’s Remorse Extends to Your Home

Go Beyond Red and Green for Your Holiday Decor

Condo Law Change Restricts Owners’ Rights to Inspect Records

Five Ways to Deal With Debt-Related Stress

Toronto Fashion Week: Lucian Matis

Personal Finance

Ten Traits of Debt-Free People

Live at Home and Learn Some Financial Skills from the ‘Rents

How Canadians Feel About Life Insurance

It’s Not the Economy. Why Some Businesses Aren’t Doing Well

Guess Who’s Planning for Retirement

One in Five Canadians Lie on Their Insurance Application

Why Canadians Don’t Take Advantage of Tax Breaks

Think You Know Everything About Retirement? Think Again

Five Questions to Ask a Financial Advisor

How Small Businesses Cope in Uncertain Economic Times

Are You Responsible for Your Partner’s Debt?

Emergency Fund: How to Save for a Rainy Day

Online Banking? Beware Fradulent Mobile Apps

What to Say to Your Insurance Company When Disaster Strikes Your Home

Work and Careers

How to Deal With Being Demoted

Why Your Employees are Leaving

Yahoo! CEO’s Bogus Education an Example of What Not to Do on a Resume 

How a Recruiter Uses Social Media

The Longest Silence: When You Get No Response at All After a Job Interview

The Emerging Bully: Study Suggest Women are the New Nightmare Bosses

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