Forget Interac, go mobile with Square

I was standing in front the Me.N.u food truck recently watching as a woman placed her order for the rice ball and taco combo. She was about to pay when the staffer said, “We take credit cards” much to her delight. [Read more…]

Buying on layaway

Mobile and apps may be the future of shopping but some retailers have returned to an old-school method just for the holidays: the layaway. [Read more…]

Spend money to save money

Grocery shopping, home décor — of course you can do these yourself and find great ways to save money. But what if you find yourself buying and returning curtains that don’t work, or you’re constantly throwing away food because you just don’t have the time to cook it? [Read more…]

The denomination effect

One of the top tips to control spending is to take out money from bank machine and only pay in cash. The thinking is that when you see what you’re spending, you won’t spend as rashly as you might if you paid with a debit or credit card. [Read more…]

Better late than never?

The majority of Canadian still dream of owning their own home. However, the high costs of houses and changes to the CMHC guidelines mean more people are waiting and buying later in life. [Read more…]

Financial strategies for Generation X

You’ve probably read the headlines — the baby boomers aren’t saving enough money, Generation Y and the Millennials (born in the 1980s) are steeped in debt with no hope of living the dream set out by their predecessors. But what about Generation X? [Read more…]

Will upsizing make you house poor?

With mortgage rates so low, you might be tempted to get a bigger home, but should you? [Read more…]

Birthday celebrations at Medieval Times

Not my birthday, but that of a friend. She wanted to celebrate at Medieval Times, the cheesy event that features knights, horses, jousting and eating with your fingers. As you do. [Read more…]

Aleks Susak’s debut collection sends peacocks down the runway

I need to find a place to wear this peacock dress from Aleks Susak. It’s the right blend of elegance and drama. And hey, peacocks. [Read more…]

Art and Socks – a night with Huely

I’m not an art expert, I fall into that category of knowing what I like. Street art is a bit take-it-or-leave-it but I enjoy seeing how the genre changes and how it can be translated into and onto different materials. [Read more…]