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Draft: Why we exalt dead public figures. Yes, this is about Rob Ford.

I always wonder why we tend to exalt the recently dead even when they were terrible at their job, so I decided to pitch it. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get enough sources to talk to me and time ran out so I killed the story. It happens, fortunately rarely. Still, I wanted to post snippets of what I did get.  [Read more…]

New Sip & Bitch episode 9

Kath, Renee and Diane talk #whitefeminism. Then for Valentine Day’s they get really thirsty over Oscar Isaac, Idris Elba and Chris Pine. They discuss their Top 5 and their love of gingers. Finally, Kath tells you why you should rent or buy ‘Straight Outta Compton.’ [Read more…]

I’m not sorry

We are a nation of apologizers. Yes, a ‘sorry’ works well as social lubricant but I’ve found that ‘sorry’ has crept into my business and I’m going to stop.

Because I’m not sorry.  [Read more…]

How would you define successful freelancing?

I’ve been asked this and here’s what I think, “can you pay your bills by or while you’re writing?” If you can answer that, then you’re a successful freelancer. Sounds simple, right?  [Read more…]

Podcast: Sip & Bitch Episode 8 – #OscarsSoWhite

Today’s blog post is our latest episode of our podcast. We tackle birthdays leading up to important birthdays, those stupid age listicle things and the Oscars. Oh yes.

For the listicles segment, I mention John Finnemore. Here’s his bit:

Writing is hard when you don’t have an assignment

Whines the writer. Hah! [Read more…]

Maintaining privacy in the age of social media

The deaths of David  Bowie and Alan Rickman had me thinking about personal information and social media. [Read more…]

Cooking for one

So we all know that cooking makes financial sense and is healthier for you but let’s be honest, when you live by yourself, it’s extremely difficult. [Read more…]

Me, legumes and the year of the pulse. Also, gastric distress

Sometimes I think I’m in a race to the bottom to see how much money I can save on groceries without compromising healthy food.  [Read more…]

Saying yes to everything

Last night I went to a CAJ get together. I didn’t want to, I really didn’t but like Diane said, it’s time to say yes to everything. [Read more…]