Freelance: Do you work at a coffee shop or at home?

This popped up on my Twitter account recently: [Read more...]

Weekly read: Finding creativity, asking for money and taking underwater photos

This week, tips on how to be a better writer, figuring out how much to bill clients and taking newborn photos.  [Read more...]

Stopping to smell the roses

A short break from freelance, fashion and auntiehood to smell the roses. [Read more...]

Freelancer fashion or “Are you wearing pants?”

One of the more realistic outfits from this tv freelancer. Not a giant flower in sight.

Let’s get this out of the way — when I started freelancing a friend sat me down and said ‘there’s only one rule to this job: every morning, before you start work, make sure you put on some damn pants.’ [Read more...]

Weekly read: How to take good photos, length of digital articles and the end of old media prestige

This week, how to take good photos with your phone, the end of old media prestige and how men and women use social media.

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Comparing two documentaries: Jodorowsky’s Dune and Finding Vivian Maier

I wrote this last fall and forgot to post it. Considering Finding Vivian Mayer is showing at Hot Docs, it seems appropriate to post this now.

This is unedited from last fall.

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Apps and programs to make freelancing easier

I’ve always been a big fan of the pen and paper. Writing down ideas always seemed to make them  better. [Read more...]

All these foundations, not enough colour

“It’s a little embarrassing when I’m trying to help someone and I can’t find a match,” said a make-up artist at Sephora. [Read more...]

Moose&Beaver, Elan+Castor: What’s in a name?

Naming a clothing line can be a stressful process. There’s the desire to be unique and have the name be representative of the brand. What works at home may not work internationally. [Read more...]

Does Toronto represent the world? Cosmopolis Toronto aims to find out

Colin Boyd Shafer is the photographer behind Cosmopolis Toronto, a project that is aiming to photograph a Torontonian from every country in the world. [Read more...]