Art and Socks – a night with Huely

I’m not an art expert, I fall into that category of knowing what I like. Street art is a bit take-it-or-leave-it but I enjoy seeing how the genre changes and how it can be translated into and onto different materials. [Read more…]

Christmas shopping with Marshalls, Winners and Homesense

I’ve an idea of what I’m buying the people on my list (and my charitable donations) but there is always one person who tends to be the tough-to-buy. [Read more…]

Forget Boomers, time to do it for ourselves

I just finished listening to The Geritocracy on the Canadaland podcast. It was interesting but not necessarily eye-opening. The boomers are rich compared to the rest of us. Gen X (for want of a better term) is feeling the squeeze. I wrote this a couple of years ago for Bankrate.

[Read more…]

Finding a hairdresser who understands naturally curly hair

So I wrote a piece on hair for NOW magazine. Here’s a longer, unedited version with more personal reminiscing. [Read more…]

Ted Baker London in Toronto Eaton Centre

If you want a dash of British style (tweeds, lots of pattern and colour), you’ll be happy to know that Ted Baker London is opening this Saturday in the Eaton Centre. [Read more…]

Public Transit: The train to Vancouver International Airport; Toronto needs to catch up

I was in Vancouver recently for work and I rode their train. Toronto, you need to catch up. [Read more…]

Walking in Coal Harbour, Vancouver

I was in Vancouver recently for the Food Bloggers of Canada conference. It was fabulous and I met some great people. [Read more…]

The Ethnic Aisle’s Election Issue

I’ve been busy the last week or so putting the final touches on the latest issue of The Ethnic Aisle. Today we launched the Election Issue, a look at the Toronto election. [Read more…]

Writing for free, writing strategically and Ethnic Aisle

Today I sent an email to the Ontario Arts Council inquiring about grants for Ethnic Aisle. We’ve been mucking along for three years and this fall, we got serious. [Read more…]

Miso memories on Baldwin Street


I met up with my friend Natalie to check out an event – some possible stories to come from that. After, we went to Kinton on Baldwin to indulge in the meaty goodness of ramen.
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