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Every few months, a steak

So every few months my iron levels demands a steak. I don’t know what it is but every four to six months, I really, really want a steak.  [Read more…]

Chasing down $300 from Elections Canada

Let me tell you a story about money. This time it’s about trying to track it down and the wrong bank. It’s all a bit ridiculous. [Read more…]

A daily writing challenge – starting now

I’ve decided to embark on a writing challenge with my Sip & Bitch friends. We’re going to write in our blogs every single day for the next month. [Read more…]

Are your 20s really the most expensive decade? No, they’re not

It was one of those conversations that just come up when you have coffee with a friend and you’re both self-employed. Kerry mentioned to me that a blogger had said on Twitter that your 20s are the most expensive decade of your life. [Read more…]

Sip & Bitch podcast: Episode 7 – Netflix, FOMO and babies

New day, new ep of Sip & Bitch – this week, On the podcast we talk Netflix binging, social media breaks and FOMO and how cellphones bring families together because BABY PICTURES!

[Read more…]

How to save more money 2016: Flipp

I’m a huge fan of passive things – income, savings and budgeting. Look, I’m a bit lazy when it comes to these things and I like them to tick over without me having to look at them every single day. This is where the first of three money-saving apps come in.  [Read more…]

What do godparents do? The Auntie chronicles

If you’ve been asked to become a godparent to a child, you might have felt pleased and honoured. Your next thought might have been, “What exactly does that mean?” [Read more…]

The Sip & Bitch podcast!

“Let’s do a podcast!” said I.

“Let’s do a podcast!” said Diane.

Months later.

“We’re doing the damn podcast.” [Read more…]

The best consignment stores in Midtown Toronto

Toronto is rife with consignment stores and most of them do tend to be in Queen West. But if you’re willing to travel north of Bloor, there is a treasure trove of consignment stores in what’s called Midtown. [Read more…]

Devil of a blue dress and how I broke my own money rule

I broke one of my personal finance rules yesterday. I tried on this blue dress even though I KNOW better. [Read more…]