Moose&Beaver, Elan+Castor: What’s in a name?

Naming a clothing line can be a stressful process. There’s the desire to be unique and have the name be representative of the brand. What works at home may not work internationally. Continue reading “Moose&Beaver, Elan+Castor: What’s in a name?” »

Does Toronto represent the world? Cosmopolis Toronto aims to find out

Colin Boyd Shafer is the photographer behind Cosmopolis Toronto, a project that is aiming to photograph a Torontonian from every country in the world. Continue reading “Does Toronto represent the world? Cosmopolis Toronto aims to find out” »

State your proposition, Canon Blanc

Sometimes you have to spell it out. Canon Blanc, (I’ve talked about them before) has stated what they’re all about. Continue reading “State your proposition, Canon Blanc” »

Marlon the Butcher, Digsville and other store closings at Yonge and Eglinton

I was at dinner with a friend who lives in the area (Vita Sociale if you’re interested) and we ended up talking about the strange state of retail in the area. Continue reading “Marlon the Butcher, Digsville and other store closings at Yonge and Eglinton” »

The value of internships: an anecdotal tale

I’ve thought a lot about unpaid internships. Here’s my experience and, yes, it is completely anecdotal. Continue reading “The value of internships: an anecdotal tale” »

Things I like: Kiehl’s (and also why they’ve lasted)

image (3)

No matter what hair mask/masque I use, I come back to this one. Kiehl’s is raising awareness of their product (I didn’t know they needed to) Continue reading “Things I like: Kiehl’s (and also why they’ve lasted)” »

Retail update at Yonge and Eg

More stores have closed in the neighbourhood. David Findlay closed its doors recently as did the high-end florist. I can’t remember the name, unfortunately.

This again brings up the question of what does well in this neighbourhood. Continue reading “Retail update at Yonge and Eg” »

Beds, bedrooms and Elte

I was at an Elte event where they brought in a sleep expert to tell us how and why we were screwing up our sleep. I learned a lot of things – most of which I’ll tell you in my next article for work – but let’s not ponder that right now. Let’s ponder this:  Continue reading “Beds, bedrooms and Elte” »

Flashback: Packing for Seminar

I used to work in the Mary Kay Canada Inc. corporate offices as the Consultant Communications and PR Coordinator. Those were the days when I was corporate, approximately a decade ago and I wore suits. Continue reading “Flashback: Packing for Seminar” »

Money, shopping and budgets

It’s February and  I haven’t bought any new clothes except for a maid of honour dress (that doesn’t count, does it?). Continue reading “Money, shopping and budgets” »

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