Waiting at TIFF and The Imitation Game

The Toronto International Film Festival is a festival about waiting. There are films and celebrities but it’s mostly about waiting. [Read more...]

The Devour Food and Film Festival in Wolfville, Nova Scotia

This is how I ended up doing social media for a food and film event. It was delicious. [Read more...]

Shifting directions

Since I started this blog, it’s gone through a few iterations. That’s because I couldn’t decide what I wanted it to be about.

What I knew was what I didn’t want to write about. [Read more...]

Toronto International Film festival tips

I learnt a lot as a first-time, non-media-pass Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) attendee so here are 21 (and possibly more) tips. [Read more...]

What you need for your first Toronto International Film Festival

Everyone does a ‘what you need for the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF)’ list which covers the parties but now that I’ve finished TIFF and may have stood in my last line for the festival (maybe?), this is what I found the most useful: [Read more...]

Stylist Box, Toronto International Film Festival and supporting Canadian fashion

This week, I’ll be going to Stylist Box to preview their Toronto International Film Festival Stylist Suite where they will be dressing celebrities. [Read more...]

Quick update: The Taste of Toronto

I haven’t updated for a while due to freelancing and getting a new job. In the meantime, this is what I’ve been up to. This year I went to Taste of Toronto, an event that highlighted the food available in the city.  [Read more...]

Back to work

My day today.

Lassco typewriter

Lassco typewriter

Maltby Street Market in London: Doughnuts, grilled cheese and beer

I had declared to a friend that I wasn’t a food tourist. That was before going to Maltby Street Market.  [Read more...]

Shopping in London, six years later

I usually don’t post about shopping because it’s subjective. But in my time in London, shopping has been interesting. [Read more...]