My Pots, Pans and Dishwasher


That is my pantry and yes, I drink Folgers coffee at home. As you can see, it’s half-empty right now. As part of my cooking at home task, I find I’m spending a bit of money (not a lot) buying basic stuff like stock, spices and legumes. Continue reading “My Pots, Pans and Dishwasher” »

Photo: Tea and Garlic

Tea (except for the dip)

I reorganized my cupboards. The results show that I have a lot of tea. The left is all tea, except for that dip. Of course I’m drinking tea while I write this. Continue reading “Photo: Tea and Garlic” »

Saving Money #1: Cooking

One of the new pots courtesy of my parents

I can cook. I’m not a gourmet chef but I can cook even though I haven’t mastered bread yet. Thanks to my mother, grandmother and two years of cooking class in high school with Miss Sooden, I can pretty much do anything, even make a white sauce. Continue reading “Saving Money #1: Cooking” »

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