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Where to Find Canadian Fashion: A Beginning

Editor’s note: 132/3/2013: Updated thanks to the upcoming Toronto Fashion Week and the recent showing of Moose & Beaver.

I was watching the monthly Twitter chat Fashion Unfold when the topic of Canadian fashion came up. The topic, specifically was the difficulty in finding and buying it. There were two general conclusions:

Canadian fashion is hard to find –  it really isn’t.

Canadian fashion is expensive. Yes, compared to H&M and Zara, it is.  [Read more…]

Designer Mark Fast partners with Danier for collection

Mark Fast dress

When this press release landed in my inbox I have to admit I was surprised. Not by Danier  – after all, they’ve been doing some excellent work with local and up-and-coming designers. [Read more…]

Danier Spring/Summer 2011: First Look

I do love incorporating leather into my wardrobe. I’ve got a leather coat, a dress, a skirt and a t-shirt. Hm… could it be I have a problem? [Read more…]