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Recent works

There is a man who is spending 2013 living off of sponsorships. His name is Zach Bussey. I know Zach very casually, following him on Twitter. When I read about his project which is called A Sponsored Life, I immediately set up an interview because I wanted to be first with the story. (Not competitive at all!) I wrote it for Forbes.

This is Zach in his bedroom. Yes, it’s that stark. The sleeping bag is from his grandparents. The egg cartons padding is for his back.  [Read more…]

Recent Article: Why Your Employees Are Leaving


I wrote an article called, Why Your Employees Are Leaving. I posted it and forgot about it. That was three months ago. This past week it exploded, generating more than 100,000 page views.

Read an excerpt here. Yes, the comment made by the man with the cellphone is true. I was outside a Tim Hortons.

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Forbes article: Ten Ways Travel Can Make You a Better Business Leader

My first piece for Forbes.com! Read it here.

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