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The headhunter’s role in the digital age

Headhunters used to be the source for smart, talented employees who were open to new opportunities. They had a database – or a rolodex – of people at their fingertips and they could quickly present clients with a short list of qualified potential workers.

Headhunters still help companies narrow down their field of candidates for a job.

But how relevant are headhunters in the digital age, when a human resources specialist can search using specific keywords on LinkedIn – the biggest job search engine in the world – and connect to hundreds of potential employees with a click of the mouse? Job seekers can leverage their contacts or apply directly to a hiring manager. All of this can be done without paying a headhunter a dime, so why contract one? [Read more…]

My article in the Globe and Mail

One of my goals was to be published in the Globe and Mail. I’ve appeared in it before but I wanted to be published. My article, “Didn’t get that dream job? There’s still hope” was published last week. To say I’m pleased is an understatement.  [Read more…]

Women and Money

I’ve been thinking about a headline in the Globe and Mail which asks the question, Can a woman over 40 marry for money?

Gender and ageist politics aside, the question should be, “Why are we still asking that question?” Every day I see articles about saving money, paying down debt and budgeting but on the other hand, we have websites that match young women with sugar daddies.

Dealing with the everyday minuatie of money is not glamorous, I get that. There are days when I wish I won the lottery so I don’t have to think about bills and my mortgage. I should have been more financially responsible when I was in my 20s but I’ve learned.

Some people don’t want to bother to work out a budget. Hell, I’ve been guilty of splurging on stuff I don’t need on occasion but bottom line is, shouldn’t we all be able to not have to wonder if marriage is the only way to have a comfortable retirement? Also, I wouldn’t want to be beholden to someone because they have the cash and I don’t. Wrong power dynamics there.

On that note, need to put some money in my RRSPs and put a little extra on my mortgage.


The Globe and Mail’s Rob Carrick links to another of my Walletpop articles

This could become a pattern. Rob Carrick, a Globe and Mail reporter in the business section has linked to me before thanks to my Smart Savings with Coupons article. (You can go to the Clippings section to check it out.) [Read more…]