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The Serena Tote from Jessica Jensen

It was my birthday recently and I wanted to upgrade my bag from the big black hole I currently carry. So when Canadian designer Jessica Jensen said she was designing a more affordable (read: cheaper) line of bags for the Shopping Channel, I bought one.

Yes, it is really that pink. Those of you who know me know I have no problem carrying a pink bag. So far I’ve shoved shoes, an umbrella, an overstuffed wallet and a magazine in it. At least it’s more structured than the big black hole.

This does my shoulder no favours.

Where to Find Canadian Fashion: A Beginning

Editor’s note: 132/3/2013: Updated thanks to the upcoming Toronto Fashion Week and the recent showing of Moose & Beaver.

I was watching the monthly Twitter chat Fashion Unfold when the topic of Canadian fashion came up. The topic, specifically was the difficulty in finding and buying it. There were two general conclusions:

Canadian fashion is hard to find –  it really isn’t.

Canadian fashion is expensive. Yes, compared to H&M and Zara, it is.  [Read more…]

Some Thoughts on S/S 2011 LG Fashion Week

Let’s start off with something: Who actually buys and wears filmy nude clothing on a regular basis? I mean that weird non-flesh colour that is defined as ‘nude’ that doesn’t flatter anyone and makes most of us look like corpses. Yes, that shade of nude.

Thank god for colour and texture. [Read more…]