As in, who doesn't love something shiny especially with New Year's coming up? [gallery link="file" columns="4" orderby="rand"] Here's some Kara Ross sparkle....

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Kara Ross, Kelly Claman and Customer Service

[caption id="attachment_2132" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Kara Ross jewelry"][/caption] That is a photo of my Kara Ross jewelry. Most of it was bought by me except for a couple pieces that were gifted. Why am I writing about them? Well, I recently bought a few pieces and a...

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Great minds wear yellow and electric blue

Courtesy of Societe Perrier Canda, photo by Ryan Emberley

I wore an Arthur Mendonca dress to the 25th anniversary party for the Toronto Fashion Incubator. Obviously actress Natalie Brown wore a dress from the same collection. Ergo, we had to take a picture with the designer. This is the rare moment when I post an outfit picture.