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Where to Find Canadian Fashion: A Beginning

Editor’s note: 132/3/2013: Updated thanks to the upcoming Toronto Fashion Week and the recent showing of Moose & Beaver.

I was watching the monthly Twitter chat Fashion Unfold when the topic of Canadian fashion came up. The topic, specifically was the difficulty in finding and buying it. There were two general conclusions:

Canadian fashion is hard to find –  it really isn’t.

Canadian fashion is expensive. Yes, compared to H&M and Zara, it is.  [Read more…]

Nella Bella Fall/Winter 2011

I remember my first week working at a new job as the lifestyle editor – one of the front page editors asked me if I knew where she could get vegan shoes and bags. Specifically good-looking, durable products that were glamorous but not in the Stella McCartney price range.

At the time I could only give her a few names. Now I’d tell her to check out Nella Bella. [Read more…]

The Wales bag from Nella-Bella

There are many ways to review a new bag. You look at the size, the depth, the colour and what it can hold.

Stuffing it with clothes, underwear and toiletries to sleep on your brother’s floor because your condo flooded isn’t usually the first step when testing a new bag. [Read more…]