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Memories of Trinidad thanks to New Orleans

After I took this picture, I thought it looked familiar:  [Read more…]

Final food post from New Orleans

I’ve been posting food pics on my Facebook for the last week. There’s been enough pictures that a friend of mine said, “What size are you going to be when you get back?” [Read more…]

Shopping in New Orleans

Everyone talks about the food and music scene in New Orleans. Both are true because god knows that Gail and I have been eating our way through the city. In fact, we’re sitting by the pool working, accompanied by margaritas right now.

The shopping is very good here. [Read more…]

Eating in New Orleans: Soft-shell crab

This is soft-shelled crab, deep fried, served with shrimp and asparagus.


Eating in New Orleans: breakfast in a cup

Breakfast in a cup

A quick and dirty post – this was my breakfast today. It’s called Breakfast in a Cup for a reason. [Read more…]