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The Ethnic Aisle Celebrates


Denise Balkissoon, Renee Sylvestre-Williams, Chantal Braganza, Ethnic Aisle

Left to right: Denise Balkissoon, Renee Sylvestre-Williams and Chantal Braganza. Photo by Septembre Anderson

The Ethnic Aisle held its first year anniversary party last night. It was a celebration that co-incided with #WiTOpoli (Women in Toronto politics) and Press Pass – all on the same day. It was a night that celebrated journalism, social media and community involvement.

I’ll have a bigger post soon but here is Ethnic Aisle co-f0under Denise Balkissoon (left), myself and Chantal Braganza giving away a prize of Kim Chi noodles for the Ethnic Aisle pub quiz.

Hanging out in the Ethnic Aisle

Just in case you didn’t know where I’m from…

Taken by Canice Leung

Defending the manual transmission car (repost)


When my parents signed me up for driving lessons nearly 20 years ago I had no choice but to learn how to drive on a car with a manual transmission.

I didn’t question it at the time because where I lived most of the cars on the road were stick shifts, not to mention you could get a full licence or an automatic transmission licence. [Read more…]

The Globe and Mail’s Rob Carrick links to another of my Walletpop articles

This could become a pattern. Rob Carrick, a Globe and Mail reporter in the business section has linked to me before thanks to my Smart Savings with Coupons article. (You can go to the Clippings section to check it out.) [Read more…]

Toronto Star article

Was published this week in yourhome.ca. Here it is.

[Read more…]

What a difference a professional (and PhotoShop) makes