Money and Taxes

Part of the HST I will have to pay soon.

I like saving money. I like spending it too. Two days ago my accountant called to discuss my taxes. Continue reading “Money and Taxes” »

Why I’m Saving And Whiny About It

Camilla Skovgaard boots (photo courtesy of eBay)

See those? I want them. I want them badly but I haven’t bought them. I’m trying to be good but it’s really, really hard. I’m trying to keep my goals in mind to keep me from buying shoes I don’t really need and dresses I also don’t need. Continue reading “Why I’m Saving And Whiny About It” »

Saving Money On Heat By Not Turning It On

Sweater, no holes, very warm

If you’re wondering why I’m not blogging about saving money on heat, it’s pretty simple.

It’s not cold enough in Toronto to justify turning on the heat. A sweater and a pair of wool socks works just fine. In fact, I’m wearing the wool sweater I darned a few nights ago.

I live in a building that’s about 25 years old. There’s a lot of concrete and I’m surrounded on all sides except one so my place stays quite warm. The one side that isn’t surrounded faces west so it warms up when the sun is out.

That can be a pain in the ass during summer but winter time it’s great.

Add a down duvet, flannel or jersey sheets (my friend Patti swears by them), a hot water bottle and I’m toasty warm. All of these bought off-season and on sale, of course. In fact, I got the queen-sized down duvet at a silent charity auction about seven years ago.

Plus I have nice sweaters. I should wear them.

The Vegetable Scrap Bag

Vegetable scrap bag

Part of cooking is scraps. Prior to this project, I would throw out all the vegetable scraps but thanks to my friend, Dana, I have started keeping them in a bag tucked in my freezer.

The plan is to use them to make vegetable stock. We’ll see. Continue reading “The Vegetable Scrap Bag” »

Saving Money #2: Make Do and Mend

Holey sweater

A little austerity chic is happening in my wardrobe right now. I have a weakness for dresses and did buy quite a few last year (didn’t blow my budget and paid cash, fyi) but this year I decided to cut back on my clothing budget and wear what I have in my closet. That includes remixing outfits and repairing anything damaged.

I am drawing the line at drawing on stockings though. Continue reading “Saving Money #2: Make Do and Mend” »

Saving Money #1: Cooking

One of the new pots courtesy of my parents

I can cook. I’m not a gourmet chef but I can cook even though I haven’t mastered bread yet. Thanks to my mother, grandmother and two years of cooking class in high school with Miss Sooden, I can pretty much do anything, even make a white sauce. Continue reading “Saving Money #1: Cooking” »

397 Ways to Save Money

In 2012, I’m going to try to save a little more money. I did pretty well in 2011, saving a nice little emergency fund. Next year though, I’ve got other goals: Continue reading “397 Ways to Save Money” »

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