You Should Be Reading: The Ethnic Aisle’s White Issue

[caption id="attachment_1722" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Not the Beatles, but just as good."][/caption] The Ethnic Aisle  recently did the White Issue where white (and those who look like it) writers talk about being white and the various ethnicities that live within that category. It's a great read. Why would...

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Whiskey for Women

I went to the Jack Daniels Honey Whiskey launch earlier this week and while I don't usually write about food or drinks unless I make it, I had a couple thoughts about the drink. I'm not a whiskey drinker. Usually I tend to go for bourbon...

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Suburban vs. Urban Divide: Toronto

It never occurred to me that the suburbanites and urbanites were at war with each other until the last mayoral election. I’ve always thought the two regions were like neighbours who are barely courteous to each other when they meet. Instead , they spend their time peering through the curtains and gossiping about each other.