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You Should Be Reading: The Ethnic Aisle’s White Issue

Not the Beatles, but just as good.

The Ethnic Aisle  recently did the White Issue where white (and those who look like it) writers talk about being white and the various ethnicities that live within that category. It’s a great read.

Why would we do something like the White Issue? I suggest you start by reading this: What We Talk About When We Talk About Whiteness.

Whiskey for Women

I went to the Jack Daniels Honey Whiskey launch earlier this week and while I don’t usually write about food or drinks unless I make it, I had a couple thoughts about the drink.

I’m not a whiskey drinker. Usually I tend to go for bourbon or red wine. I also don’t have a sweet tooth. I like my wines dry and my champagne brut. I like my mixed drinks tart.

So when I tried the Jack Daniels with lemonade, it took me forever to drink it as it was tooth-hurtingly sweet for me. I liked it best by itself with ice – you could appreciate the flavour and even then it wasn’t overwhemingly honeyesque. But I had to swirl the glass to melt the ice and dilute it a bit.

I went looking for it in the LCBO and it wasn’t with the whiskeys, it was with the liqueurs which seems appropriate.

On the plus side, Jack Daniels did get people (not just women, please) drinking their new product so that’s a win for them. Personally, I’m not planning on adding it to my drinks repertoire.

Ethnic Aisle on Metro Morning

Denise Balkisoon, co-founder of Ethnic Aisle talks to Metro Morning’s Matt Galloway about race, politics and the urban/suburban divide. You can listen to the six-minute conversation: here: http://www.cbc.ca/metromorning/episodes/2011/09/26/race-and-ethnicity/ [Read more…]

Suburban vs. Urban Divide: Toronto

It never occurred to me that the suburbanites and urbanites were at war with each other until the last mayoral election. I’ve always thought the two regions were like neighbours who are barely courteous to each other when they meet. Instead , they spend their time peering through the curtains and gossiping about each other. [Read more…]

Custom-made Shirts from FERKNOT

My latest article for AOL’s Walletpop.ca

Fashion experts say that jeans are one of the hardest items to fit and find, especially if you’re a woman. I don’t disagree but I’d add that finding the perfect dress shirt ranks right up there with the perfect denim.

FERKNOT may have solved the problem with their line of bespoke dress shirts for men and women. [Read more…]

My Toronto Life article featuring Charlaine Harris

My latest article about Charlaine Harris, author of the Sookie Stackhouse series, the basis of True Blood. She is making her first appearance at Polaris. Read it here[Read more…]

Nella Bella Fall/Winter 2011

I remember my first week working at a new job as the lifestyle editor – one of the front page editors asked me if I knew where she could get vegan shoes and bags. Specifically good-looking, durable products that were glamorous but not in the Stella McCartney price range.

At the time I could only give her a few names. Now I’d tell her to check out Nella Bella. [Read more…]

Random pictures of beautiful work

I was going through my photo archive and realized I had these photos from The Bay’s God Save the Queen event with Erdem, Mark Fast, Charlotte Olympia and Christopher Kane.

A lot are close up because I wanted to really get an image of the detail involved in the work. [Read more…]

AUDI’s The Art of Progression featuring NADA, DIMITRICHRIS and JOEFFER CAOC

I was disappointed by the shows presented by NADA, Dimitrichis and Joeffer Caoc for Spring/Summer 2011.

There, I said it. As much as I like supporting Canadian fashion, I want to support something wholeheartedly and I expected more from the three participants. [Read more…]