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Draft: Why we exalt dead public figures. Yes, this is about Rob Ford.

I always wonder why we tend to exalt the recently dead even when they were terrible at their job, so I decided to pitch it. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get enough sources to talk to me and time ran out so I killed the story. It happens, fortunately rarely. Still, I wanted to post snippets of what I did get.  [Read more…]

Writing for free, writing strategically and Ethnic Aisle

Today I sent an email to the Ontario Arts Council inquiring about grants for Ethnic Aisle. We’ve been mucking along for three years and this fall, we got serious. [Read more…]

Weekly read: Finding creativity, asking for money and taking underwater photos

This week, tips on how to be a better writer, figuring out how much to bill clients and taking newborn photos.  [Read more…]

Weekly read: How to take good photos, length of digital articles and the end of old media prestige

This week, how to take good photos with your phone, the end of old media prestige and how men and women use social media.

[Read more…]

How Much for the Stuff in my Basement: Comics and Collectibles

DareDevil / Peter Dixon

So you’re in the basement one day and you see an unlabelled box sitting quietly in a corner. Curious, you open it and you see stuff that might have been your ex’s, your parents’ or even yours from years ago. Your first instinct is to throw it out. After all, you don’t need it but before you do that, have you thought about selling it and pocketing the cash? [Read more…]

Latest blog from Walletpop.ca: Save money when grocery shopping

Grocery store / jemrocks / Creative Commons

Is here.

Save Money When Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping is one of the best ways to practice saving skills. With a little effort, you can shave 10 to 20 per cent off your grocery bill. It just takes a little thinking outside the big box stores to shop and eat well.

The best part is that eating on the cheap doesn’t mean eating poorly. You can find great prices on food. [Read more…]

Marketing writing: Mary Kay Cosmetics

I worked as the Consultant Communications and PR Co-ordinator for Mary Kay Cosmetics Ltd. Part of my job was to write marketing releases for new products.

I also wrote the articles that went to NewsCanada. (Note, all images open in .pdf format.)



Contest and marketing writing

Blogging for Walletpop.ca

I’ve started writing for Walletpop.ca. My latest blogs are:

How to Have a Fun and Frugal Long Weekend

Five Ways to Stay Cool and Save Money

Dove moves into men’s market

If you’re going to convey the image of sweaty, stinky men there’s probably no better place to have a launch than at the Hockey Hall of Fame. [Read more…]

How to keep your wedding under budget

Dallas Arboreteum

It’s wedding season again and brides are being swept up in the romance of their fairy-tale celebrations.  But nothing brings a fairy tale to a grinding halt faster than bills in one hand and a shrinking budget in the other.

If you need to come in under budget, but still want a great wedding, try these great tips from experts Vicki Karigiannis of Divine.ca and Andrea Lown and Leah Andrews from SmartBrideBoutique.com. [Read more…]